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Graphics Artists and Unreal Engine Developers

Calling all graphic artists!  Those of you who pride yourselves in your ability to create and design, step right up.  The White Order is currently designing a new MMORPG.  If you have experience with Unreal Engine, and consider yourself a skilled Programmer/Developer/Graphics Artist, then you have an opportunity to join us in creating the world's greatest MMO.


For more information, please register on our Forums, and contact "Leader"



Civilization 5 ~ Competitive Gaming

Do you enjoy strategy games? Devoting time to building an empire, then defeating your enemy through superior strategic prowess? Then, Civilization 5 may be the game for you.


The White Order currently runs Civ 5 games nightly.  For more information visit us on TeamSpeak 3, with the tag (Civ 5) in your name.

Archeage Offers Multiple Avenues of Adventure

Why do you play online games?  To explore new worlds? To fight off adversaries?  To build an Empire? 


Archeage offers all of these things and more, and nobody does it better than The White Order. With 13 years of MMO experience, TWO has propelled itself to the top of the game.  We offer a wide variety of activites to our members. 


Land based PvP, Wars, Castle Sieges, Trade Runs, Naval Battles, Raid Bosses in both land and sea, Crafting, Farming, Building Cities...


This is just the tip of the Iceberg in Archeage, join us in Teamspeak and see what this new world has to offer.

The White Order's next Guild Summit



The White Order held it's 12th Annual summit in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  At the Wynn Resort and Casino, TWO partied hard for 3 days this last December 2014. 


Our next Guild Summit will be held at Comic Con in San Diego, CA during July 2015.  RSVP today!



The White Order In Archeage


Throughout our 13 year history in MMOs, The White Order has always held the highest possition on our server.  Currently The White Order is fighting the good fight in Archeage, against a server-wide alliance created to dethrone TWO.


If you have been in TWO before, consider taking the leap with us on a new adventure.  An adventure that you can rest assured will carry you to the top once again.


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